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August 24, 2023 - Am completing Vocals. Then, getting ready to release my next single, "Won't Be A Victim" 

August 24, 2023 - Hi Guys! Well, I just got done competing for “The Opening Act” Music Competition. And, thought I didn't win, or anything. I got a lot further than I ever thought. The whole competition was based on votes. And, you showed me how you were behind me. And, that meant the world to me. Thank you, so much!

On to completing the Vocals. Then getting ready to release, my next single; "Won't Be A Victim". Who hoo!!


In the meantime, I'm gonna do an Open Mic, or two. I've been working on “Fallin” by Alicia Keys. And, it's time for me to be comfortable, singing it in front of people. No pressure. Nobody's tellin me to sing “Fallin.” It's just kind of a marker, to show me where I'm at vocally.

Be well.

October 2020 - Changing Directions! 

October 2020 - Changing Directions!

The last submission to The Voice got no response. Since it was the clearest picture of me, as an artist, yet. I have decided to stop trying.


So, I have been meditating on it, a while. And, what's come up for me, is what I really want. So, I asked myself what that would be??? Immediately, the answer came to mind. I want to be featured on a TV Show that presents the "Culture Changers" of female musicians. No contestants, only featured musicians. And I would like Alicia Keys, or someone like that. To head up the show.

I went to work on the idea. And now, I have a treatment for it. That is what you need to present your idea, to the right people. And am now doing whatever I can, to get it in front of her. 

Also, I finished the vocals on "Virus," yesterday. Just the mixing, left. Then I can release it!!




July 31, 2020 - Elevator Pitch is released!! 

July 31, 2020 - Released today! "Elevator Pitch (feat. The Wanz & Elnah Jordan)" Who hoooo!!

Inspired by the 3rd? ...or 4th?? ...or maybe, 5th??? time, I submitted myself for The Voice ...still doing it. But, this time I used this song for my "Intro." 


Please share it if you like it! Enjoy! 


Thank you, 

Elnah Jordan 

The Wanz 

Jason Shavey and Synergy Studios! 


#TheVoiceCasting #ElevatorPitch #JenepherWhite

July 4, 2020 - My Independence Day - A submission the The Voice! 

July 4th, 2020 - My Independence Day - A submission the The Voice!

Today, I did a submission to The Voice. The thing that is different about this time. Is that I finally have something to say. A way to " be creative" in the "Intro" section of the submission.

I submitted the song, itself, for Songland; in June. My hope was that Adam Levine would take notice of the song, at Songland. And, somehow talk with The Voice folks. And I would get in, that way. But, since then, I've reconsidered. 

So, the Voice Submission process requires videos of an Introduction of the artist, and of 2 songs. And they do say, "be creative" for the Intro. So, I have!!!

My Intro portion is Elevator Pitch.


Much Love,


July 1, 2020 - Elevator Pitch has a Release Date!! ...It's different this time!! 

July 1, 2020 - Elevator Pitch has a Release Date!! ...It's different this time!!

Who Hoo!! After, almost two years, it has a Release Date; July 31, 2020. 

"Elevator Pitch" was inspired by the "Intro" section of the Submission process for The Voice. For the "Intro" they want your name, where your from. Then they ask you to "be creative." This is the best way I can think of, to be creative.

As the result, I created the song, produced it with Jason Shavey. Got The Wanz and Elnah Jordan, to sing on it, with me. Then got LZane Jones and Jeremy Berg to help me make the music video.

Much Love,


May 15, 2020 Challenge the Fear #5 

This song is "Lil Darling" by ZZ Ward.

I've got an Open Call Audition, next month, for The Voice. It is the first time I am auditioning for them. Up until now, I've only submitted myself.

I've chosen this song to audition with. Because it's the closest to the songs I write; includes Rap and Belt. : )

#Lil Darling




April 24, 2020 - Challenge the Fear #3 

April 24, 2020 Challenge the Fear #3 

The song is "Prepared" by Jill Scott. 

Please join me in busting through this wall of fear that has us "locked down." There is not a lot I can do to make Covid-19, non-existent. But, there are a ton of things I can do that will make my life; be more than about, being lockdown. 

I invite you. Share some fear you've walked through, this week it big or small. And, we'll get through this together! 

Know somebody who could use this? ...share it! 






April 17, 2020 - Challenge the Fear #2 

April 17, 2020 Challenge the Fear #2

The song is "I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know" by Donny Hathaway.

Please join me in busting through this wall of fear that has us "locked down." There is not a lot I can do to make Covid-19, non-existent. But, there are a ton of things I can do that will make my life; be more than about, being lockdown.

I invite you. Share some fear you've walked through, this week it big or small. And, we'll get through this together!

Know somebody who could use this? ...share it! 






April 10, 2020 - Elevator Pitch be Released, soon!! 

Hey y'all,

I did this because I was just so damn frustrated with the pandemic. And all of my plans, to finish and release this song, getting cancelled! I felt like I had to do something!?!

This post has turned into a "Fear Challenge." Every Friday at 4pm, I will sing a song on Facebook Live. And, drop a sentence or two before hand, about my misgivings. That way, besides hearing me sing. You'll get to know me a little better. Enjoy.  

Remember! Every Friday afternoon, at 4p.

Kind regards,

Jenepher White


July 2019 - No Voice, No Matter: ) 

July 13 came and went with no call from The Voice. Not gonna lie I was a little disappointed. But, life has kept me so busy that I haven't had the time (to dwell). In the past few weeks, my toy poodle, Maddie, passed after 16 years. Maddie RIP. I love you, forever. Then, I sliced up my hand with an electric sander while I was attempting  to sand the back deck. And, of course, music... music... music..: )

BTW - At a friends nudging, I submitted myself for AGT. I had never done that before. Because, I want to be taken seriously as an artist. I want a career in the music industry. And I assumed that AGT would not be the place for me. But, she talked me into it. So, I could hear anytime between now and next spring ...or not at all ...gawd, I hate the audition process.

See you next time!

Jenepher White



June 2019 - The Voice - Scheduled Auditions 

June 2019 - The Voice - Scheduled Auditions

Now they've got this thing where you send them a submission video. Then, choose you for a scheduled audition at the open call city you choose.

I submitted myself maybe 3 weeks ago. I haven't heard, yet.

The hardest thing about all of this is the self-doubt. You know? I look for, and find, the reasons they haven't called; which is bullshit. I know I'm a good singer. I know I touch people when I sing. I know my songs are good and they are authentic.

I allow self-doubt to hang out in my mind, too long. All in the name of "wanting to become better." what a bunch of crap. I am as good as I need to be for The Voice or Songland ...or The Playlist (hasn't come out yet.) I've got to catch those thoughts, as soon as they happen, and say ...bye bye.: )

February 2019 - The Voice - IG Submission 

February 2019 - The Voice - IG Submission

They got this new thing. Where you sign up for an Open Call Audition in one of the cities that are available. For me, that was San Fransisco. Then, you post a blacked out video of an audition song, on Instagram. I sang a "Kiss From A Rose." If you want to see it, the video's on my IG profile. 

I figured I would post the audition. Then if I wasn't chosen by 2 days before the Live Auditions. I would cancel my airline flight (minus $150), the car, the hotel, and the spot in the live Auditions. That way I would only be out $150.

I did not get chosen ...I'm not gonna lie. I was pretty disappointed that I didn't get chosen. you'd think I'd be used to it by now.


But, I'll be releasing my new single, "Out" in a few months. So, there's that to look forward


April 9, 2019 - Up To Date! 

April 9, 2019 - Up To Date!

In 2013,there was the revitalization of my soul ...I sang for the first time as a solo artist in over 20 years. The time away from music was due to my brain hemorrhaging ...and a lot of fear of performing (The basic history is in my Bio.: ) 

When I sang again, my whole world opened up to me. Up until that point, I was sure I would never perform again. I had many reasons, starting with taking care of myself. Making sure I had a consistent job and that it provided health insurance. As I saw it, it was an either or proposition. Either sing ...or take care of myself. 

Ok ...there was the way I looked, also. After the BH I was droopy on the right side, and I had no balance. Then, there were the subsequent hospitalizations. On top of all that, was the mountain of fear that I had to face, every time I dared to perform. 

But, there was a fairly new show out called "The Voice." I, of course, was a solid fan. I did not miss a show. For 2 years I would watch it and not even dream about me being on it. "The Voice" was for when I had a voice. 

When I sang again as a solo artist. And I felt the exchange between me and the audience ...and I remembered all the words!  I thought of The Voice, immediately. I started submitting myself. I stopped keeping track of how many times I've submitted myself. I mean, I have all the evidence. But, I just get sad if I think about it, too long. 

On the really good side, I had started writing songs, again. Not only that, my latest single, "Out". is soon to be released; on May 5, 2019. And I had a large part in arranging and producing it!! ...who I am becoming as an artist is crazy exciting!!!

Come join me on this "Road To ...What's next???" : D

February 2018 - Submission For "The Voice" 

February 2018 - Submission For "The Voice"

I submitted myself for The Voice, again. But, it's different this time. I am ready to get chosen, this season. I have been preparing to sing on The Voice, for over 4 years. But, each time I submitted myself, I had a lingering thought in the back of my mind, "I wonder if I'm good enough?" Then, when I wouldn't get chosen, it secretly answered my question; "No." But, I am not allowing that question to have any reality in my mind. And, I sang my ass off on the submission video.  
​The confidence is born from a few things; 1) is the internal work I do to prepare myself for the life I want. And 2), the music I write. My latest release is, Brother Call Me Sister (see above!: )  
I am ready...: )

December 2017 - What I'm Doing... 

December 2017 - What I'm Doing...

Last Update for 2017! 
​I've been working on my own music. I took this season off from submitting myself for The Voice. Mostly cause Alicia Keys wasn't going to be a judge, this season. And, I really want to work with her. 
​It's on my Musical To-Do list. Right now, I am working on "Prepared" by Jill Scott. And, I am not sure of my second song ...I'm thinking "Love & Happiness" by Al Green. 

​On the songwriting side of the house... 
​I'm at present, figuring out how to get "Brother Call Me Sister" to NBC's The Playlist. See, I've already submitted myself. But, I really want them to hear my latest single. 

​I'll figure it out!: )

September 2016 - Perform at Edmonds Tunes 


In some ways, this was my favorite of my performances other ways, not so much. On the Up Side; I let even more of me, out! That was great!! On the not-so-up side; I totally blew Rise Up. My voice cracked a lot.: (    
Also, the piano playing was off, through part of the song. The thing is, I had a perfect Rise Up, the night before in rehearsal.  
Anyway, that's the thing about being "live." You never know exactly what is going to happen?!?  

V – WadeInTheWater 093016  

V – RiseUp 093016  

V – Feeling Good 093016  

V – Freedom 093016



August 2016 - Waiting For "The Voice" to call 

Still waiting for The Voice to call... 

While I'm waiting though, I did get some great news. Apparently, Edmonds Tunes wants me back. Which is crazy??? Because I am still not there "normal fair." Meaning, I don't accompany myself and I sang only "covers;" no original material. 
This time, I still won't be accompanying myself. But, Randy Jones will be playing keyboards for me. Yaay!! And, I will be debuting an original song, "Freedom - When I Got Here." 
I am very happy to show up and perform, almost anywhere! 
​So, I'm booked for September 30. Mark it in your calendars! 
We're gonna have a great time!!

July 2016 - Submission to "the Voice" 

I just submitted myself, again, for "The Voice." I agonized over what songs to send. They ask you to keep your video's "Unlisted." So, I won't tell you which one's they are, right now. The submission is good for two months. If you don't hear from them by then. You're not going to. 
But, they tell you to keep submitting yourself. Because them not calling is not a sign of you not being good enough. 
I'm glad I'm from Los Angeles and worked as an "Extra" and a "Studio Driver." I know they are telling the truth. There are so many factors to putting on a TV show like "The Voice." 

I learned something about myself with this submission... 
I used to tell people I had, "a voice like Karen Carpenter and a soul like Patti LaBelle." It was a source of great frustration. But, as I was watching one of the videos that I was going to submit ...I got it soul was in my voice! No, I still don't sound like Patti LaBelle ...but, I sound like me! And it's only the beginning!! 
That is what I have been wanting all of my life. 
When I came back, 3 years ago, I promised myself I would sing from my soul. And finally, I've got it!! Yaay!!! 
Don't get me wrong. I am not saying I've arrived or anything. I will keep on working to open up more and sing; "naked" as it were. 
But, THAT is one of my fondest hopes ...and it has finally started to come true!: )

June 2016 - Recital 

I'm doing a recital for my Vocal Coach's class, on the 11th. I've decided to sing "Rise Up," sung originally by Andra Day. And, "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You" Written by Bob Crewe, as it is sung by Lauren Wood. 


Ok ...the thing about Recitals and Open Mikes is that you don't have the opportunity to have a sound check least I haven't.: ) And sometimes that can really throw you off ...which it did here. In "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You" I struggled with what I was hearing for quite a while. It wasn't until maybe half way through the song that I started feeling more comfortable. Which leads me to the point to my performance.  
My focus was that I was going to keep going, no matter what!  Regardless, of how much I forgot lyrics. Or, missed part of the melody ...or anything! 
In that sense, it was a great success!!