June 2016 - Recital

I'm doing a recital for my Vocal Coach's class, on the 11th. I've decided to sing "Rise Up," sung originally by Andra Day. And, "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You" Written by Bob Crewe, as it is sung by Lauren Wood. 


Ok ...the thing about Recitals and Open Mikes is that you don't have the opportunity to have a sound check ...at least I haven't.: ) And sometimes that can really throw you off ...which it did here. In "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You" I struggled with what I was hearing for quite a while. It wasn't until maybe half way through the song that I started feeling more comfortable. Which leads me to the point to my performance.  
My focus was that I was going to keep going, no matter what!  Regardless, of how much I forgot lyrics. Or, missed part of the melody ...or anything! 
In that sense, it was a great success!!




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