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Hi! My name is Jenepher White. Yes, I changed the spelling of my name when I was 18, and living on the streets of Hollywood as a Punk. Funny story... tell ya later. 

Born in Los Angeles, I sang, and played music, from the time I was 7 years old. I wrote my first song at 18, when I was a Punk. The music I use to express myself with, has continued to morphe, from Punk to singer/songwriter, from Show tunes to Hip Hop. That’s the wonderful thing about music, it always expresses ME. 

My songs are mostly a part of the NeoSoul genre, with a little Blues thrown in, here and there. 

Here’s my discography, so far: 
2017 - “Freedom ...When I Got Here” 
2017 - “Blues” 
2019 - “Brother Call Me Sister” 
2019 - “Out” 
2020 - “Elevator Pitch” 
2021 - “Virus” 
2021 - “Blues, Too” 
2021 - “Execution” 
2021 - “Where R U Going 2” 

...and I’ve got more, coming soon! 

⦁    100% Independent artist. 
⦁    Been in-love with the same woman for over 25 years. And, we are happy... still. 
⦁    Mexican/European by heritage. 
⦁    Have a son, who is 15 years younger than me. 
⦁    2 little dogs and one big cat, who I fiercely love... and spoil. 
⦁    Writing, acting, and dancing are some of my other creative outlets. 

My music is available everywhere, including here on my website, Apple Music and iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and many more (see the links below). 

Thanks for stopping by and checkin’ out my music! 

Jenepher White

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“Congrats! Super awesome job.” - Maria Aparecida Fietta, Sao Paolo, Brazil 

“Bela interpretação! ❤❤” (English translation: “Beautiful interpretation!”) - Gla gla P, Portugal, Europe 

“Nicely done!” - Coyle Rhythm-Blues, Seattle, WA 

“Áwesome!!!!!!!!” - Gloria Williams, Seattle, WA 

”What a song! Hope to hear more!” - Elia Johnston, Seattle, WA 

“Chills ❤ Thank you so much for expressing yourself to promote love! Please continue to spread your love and light, through song. God Goddess bless you, Queen!” – Arvionnemusic 

”Love the message Queen. WE NEED LOVE! Keep shining!” - Natalie Nichole, Texas, US  

“My God!” - Natalie’s Cover Music, Ukraine, Europe

“Elevator Pitch” 
“Love it..... I’ll be talking to you soon!!!” - Michael Robertson, Seattle, WA 

“I love it! Congratulations Jenepher! Such a great song!” - Angelene Storey, Los Angeles, CA


Podcast - The Women Of Substance 
Multiple issues on 

Podcast - Natalies_Moments 
3/8/2021 on Instagram 
“This afternoon we had an artist in support of the #BLM movement. Make sure you find ways to get involved as well. It’s still an issue that needs resolve. We have a lot of work to do - let’s start with LOVE & inclusion.”

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