about me - currently


Over 20 years ago, I was a Singer, Actor, and Dancer in Los Angeles (AKA Waiter.) I was living the dream! In my 20s, I had minimal success and horrible stage fright. I used to say that I had a voice like Karen Carpenter, and a soul like Patti LaBelle.

Then, I had a brain hemorrhage. The doctors said it should've killed me ...it didn't. What it did do was leave  me with the knowledge that I needed Health Insurance ...now!

 So, I did the unimaginable. I gave up everything creative and went back to school ...and, I graduated.  I've spent many years working at a corporate job. Until recently.

It was because of that stage fright that I believe I was able to walk away from music, at all. It was if I had locked away my spirit in a trunk, stored it in an attic ...never to be heard from again.

But, even though my soul still had a ways to go before it could come out. I was never able to walk away from that dream.

Now, this is me. I'm older ...I'm wiser ...my voice is good ...and I've definitely got a few things to say...

‚ÄčOh yeah! I don't sound like Karen Carpenter, anymore. Not to throw shade on Karen. She had a beautiful voice. It's just not me.

‚ÄčAnd, I sound like me, now!! Take a listen...