August 24, 2023 - Am completing Vocals. Then, getting ready to release my next single, "Won't Be A Victim"

August 24, 2023 - Hi Guys! Well, I just got done competing for “The Opening Act” Music Competition. And, thought I didn't win, or anything. I got a lot further than I ever thought. The whole competition was based on votes. And, you showed me how you were behind me. And, that meant the world to me. Thank you, so much!

On to completing the Vocals. Then getting ready to release, my next single; "Won't Be A Victim". Who hoo!!


In the meantime, I'm gonna do an Open Mic, or two. I've been working on “Fallin” by Alicia Keys. And, it's time for me to be comfortable, singing it in front of people. No pressure. Nobody's tellin me to sing “Fallin.” It's just kind of a marker, to show me where I'm at vocally.

Be well.

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