July 2019 - No Voice, No Matter: )

July 13 came and went with no call from The Voice. Not gonna lie I was a little disappointed. But, life has kept me so busy that I haven't had the time (to dwell). In the past few weeks, my toy poodle, Maddie, passed after 16 years. Maddie RIP. I love you, forever. Then, I sliced up my hand with an electric sander while I was attempting  to sand the back deck. And, of course, music... music... music..: )

BTW - At a friends nudging, I submitted myself for AGT. I had never done that before. Because, I want to be taken seriously as an artist. I want a career in the music industry. And I assumed that AGT would not be the place for me. But, she talked me into it. So, I could hear anytime between now and next spring ...or not at all ...gawd, I hate the audition process.

See you next time!

Jenepher White






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