October 2020 - Changing Directions!

October 2020 - Changing Directions!

The last submission to The Voice got no response. Since it was the clearest picture of me, as an artist, yet. I have decided to stop trying.


So, I have been meditating on it, a while. And, what's come up for me, is what I really want. So, I asked myself what that would be??? Immediately, the answer came to mind. I want to be featured on a TV Show that presents the "Culture Changers" of female musicians. No contestants, only featured musicians. And I would like Alicia Keys, or someone like that. To head up the show.

I went to work on the idea. And now, I have a treatment for it. That is what you need to present your idea, to the right people. And am now doing whatever I can, to get it in front of her. 

Also, I finished the vocals on "Virus," yesterday. Just the mixing, left. Then I can release it!!




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