May 2016 - Bye Bye, Stage Fright!!

Okay! I've been thinking about it. There is something all famous performers have in common ...they are absolutely comfortable on stage! And, having a great time!! 
I worked on; 

​Giving up the stage Fright; 

​For the time between knowing I had the gig and doing the gig. Every time I would get "butterflies" in my stomach. Or, I would I would have a scenario run through my head. Where I was, in one way or another, failing. I would pull myself up short. Tell myself, "cancel, cancel, cancel." And then, think about how I wanted it to be. 

I imagined how it would be if I got paid a lot to be there ...if everyone who was there, came to see me! 

​I tried that ...with great success!! 
BTW - It is unedited for one purpose; the preparation for "The Voice" isn't always as easy or slick as I'd like it ...and that's all a part of it!

It went went great!! There were sound issues... and coffee making issues ...and lyric issues: ) 
But all it all, it went really well. I was focused on having fun and paying attention to what I was singing. I think I nailed it 
...except when I forgot my words!: ) 
Check it out!!!  

V - Love&Happiness    V – IloveYouMoreThanYoullEverKnow    V – ICantTakeMy EyesOffOfYou

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