June 2017 - Edmonds Tunes - 4 Originals

June 2017 - Edmonds Tunes - 4 Originals

I had a 30 minute set at Edmonds Tunes! I am so sorry I didn't post it. I got to as many of you as I could.  
​The best performance ...yet!! I did 4 of my original songs ...with the backing track that we had just made in the studio!: ) 

​I have decided to take the advice of my vocal coach ...I am redoing the vocals on approximately a song a month. That gives me time to work on each one, as a singer ...it hadn't even occurred to me that I would have to do that. After all, it's my song!

Music is a language, words are a language, to get her there a language ...and the singer has her language. They're all different. But, they all come from my soul.

: )

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