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I have submitted myself to The Voice at least once a year , sometimes twice, since 2014. When you submit yourself for The Voice; they ask for 2 songs and, an "Intro" video. This is where you introduce yourself and tell them a little about you. They say, "be creative."

That "be creative" haunted me. After the 4th or 5th submission, I didn't know what they wanted.

So, I did what I do. I started creating this song 2+ years, ago. First lyrics, then a musical vibe, Finally, the melody. That part only took a few months. Buy, life has a way of happening; everything from the temporary loss of income to Covid-19.
It wasn't until shortly before release. That I had even considered using this song as my "Intro." For my July of 2020, Submission to The Voice. THIS will is how I will introduce myself.

I wish you Love,

Jenepher White