February 2016 - Submission From My Studio

This was a submission from my own studio. Where the sound just isn't right.: ( 
But, I was desperately frustrated by this "Studio" of mine, at the time. And, the new season was being cast.

So, I just did it...


June 2015 - Submission To "The Voice"

I wanted to get the best quality I could so I went into a studio. Booked some studio time ...and a videographer. The intent was to record my submission and video record it at the same time.

V - Introducing…


May 2014 - Getting Ready

May 2014 - Submission #2

For the next submission, I had decided to go into a recording studio and get a videographer. One of the perks of working full-time is that I had the money in my savings to do…


October 2014 - Open Mic - Hop Vine

October 2014 - Open Mic - Hop Vine

Hop Vine Open Mic - Seattle, WA (Capital Hill, to be exact: ) 
So......there we were, Jenepher and I, sitting, rather awkwardly, in a cool, hip pub on capital hill... 
Since we'd…


September 2014 - Writing Songs???

September 2014 - Writing songs???

I started writing songs, again!! They are totally different than anything I've ever written.

I think some time away might have done me some good.: )





May 2014 - Submission To The Voice

May 2014 - Submission To "The Voice"

I worked on it for about 10 months. Mostly, because my voice was still rehabbing. But also, my confidence was getting stronger. After almost a year, I was ready. June 2014, with "I…


October 2013 - Vocal Coach

October 2013- Vocal Coach

I also found the best Vocal Coach to help me "rehab" my voice. 
​Jordan Corbin Wentworth has/is doing amazing things for me and my voice.


July 2013 - What Does The Voice Want?

July 2013 - What Does "The Voice" want???

First I found out that you have to have two songs to submit yourself for The Voice. I started looking.

I realized that I didn't know at all what style of music…


July 2013 - I Remembered The Words!!!

July 2013 - I remembered The Words!!

V-I Am Changing 

As I turned to leave the stage I had one thought, "Well ...I could do this all the time!!!: )" 

And so, my decision to be on "The Voice." 


April 2013 - The Beginning ...again.

April 2013 - The Beginning ...again

I was singing in a choir (...something I did now and then, because I could still do that.) And the Choir Director announced that the church was having a Talent Show. 

Perfect! I wanted…

Road To The Voice? ...or Wherever???

In 2013, was the revitalization of my soul ...I sang for the first time as a solo artist in over 20 years. The time away from music was due to my brain hemorrhaging ...and a lot of fear of performing…