July 2016 - Submission to "the Voice"

I just submitted myself, again, for "The Voice." I agonized over what songs to send. They ask you to keep your video's "Unlisted." So, I won't tell you which one's they are, right now. The submission is good for two months. If you don't hear from them by then. You're not going to. 
But, they tell you to keep submitting yourself. Because them not calling is not a sign of you not being good enough. 
I'm glad I'm from Los Angeles and worked as an "Extra" and a "Studio Driver." I know they are telling the truth. There are so many factors to putting on a TV show like "The Voice." 

I learned something about myself with this submission... 
I used to tell people I had, "a voice like Karen Carpenter and a soul like Patti LaBelle." It was a source of great frustration. But, as I was watching one of the videos that I was going to submit ...I got it ...my soul was in my voice! No, I still don't sound like Patti LaBelle ...but, I sound like me! And it's only the beginning!! 
That is what I have been wanting all of my life. 
When I came back, 3 years ago, I promised myself I would sing from my soul. And finally, I've got it!! Yaay!!! 
Don't get me wrong. I am not saying I've arrived or anything. I will keep on working to open up more and sing; "naked" as it were. 
But, THAT is one of my fondest hopes ...and it has finally started to come true!: )

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