December 2017 - What I'm Doing...

December 2017 - What I'm Doing...

Last Update for 2017! 
​I've been working on my own music. I took this season off from submitting myself for The Voice. Mostly cause Alicia Keys wasn't going to be a judge, this season. And, I really want to work with her. 
​It's on my Musical To-Do list. Right now, I am working on "Prepared" by Jill Scott. And, I am not sure of my second song ...I'm thinking "Love & Happiness" by Al Green. 

​On the songwriting side of the house... 
​I'm at present, figuring out how to get "Brother Call Me Sister" to NBC's The Playlist. See, I've already submitted myself. But, I really want them to hear my latest single. 

​I'll figure it out!: )

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