February 2019 - The Voice - IG Submission

February 2019 - The Voice - IG Submission

They got this new thing. Where you sign up for an Open Call Audition in one of the cities that are available. For me, that was San Fransisco. Then, you post a blacked out video of an audition song, on Instagram. I sang a "Kiss From A Rose." If you want to see it, the video's on my IG profile. https://www.instagram.com/jenepherwhite/ 

I figured I would post the audition. Then if I wasn't chosen by 2 days before the Live Auditions. I would cancel my airline flight (minus $150), the car, the hotel, and the spot in the live Auditions. That way I would only be out $150.

I did not get chosen ...I'm not gonna lie. I was pretty disappointed that I didn't get chosen. you'd think I'd be used to it by now.


But, I'll be releasing my new single, "Out" in a few months. So, there's that to look forward


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