April 9, 2019 - Up To Date!

April 9, 2019 - Up To Date!

In 2013,there was the revitalization of my soul ...I sang for the first time as a solo artist in over 20 years. The time away from music was due to my brain hemorrhaging ...and a lot of fear of performing (The basic history is in my Bio.: ) 

When I sang again, my whole world opened up to me. Up until that point, I was sure I would never perform again. I had many reasons, starting with taking care of myself. Making sure I had a consistent job and that it provided health insurance. As I saw it, it was an either or proposition. Either sing ...or take care of myself. 

Ok ...there was the way I looked, also. After the BH I was droopy on the right side, and I had no balance. Then, there were the subsequent hospitalizations. On top of all that, was the mountain of fear that I had to face, every time I dared to perform. 

But, there was a fairly new show out called "The Voice." I, of course, was a solid fan. I did not miss a show. For 2 years I would watch it and not even dream about me being on it. "The Voice" was for when I had a voice. 

When I sang again as a solo artist. And I felt the exchange between me and the audience ...and I remembered all the words!  I thought of The Voice, immediately. I started submitting myself. I stopped keeping track of how many times I've submitted myself. I mean, I have all the evidence. But, I just get sad if I think about it, too long. 

On the really good side, I had started writing songs, again. Not only that, my latest single, "Out". is soon to be released; on May 5, 2019. And I had a large part in arranging and producing it!! ...who I am becoming as an artist is crazy exciting!!!

Come join me on this "Road To ...What's next???" : D

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