June 2019 - The Voice - Scheduled Auditions

June 2019 - The Voice - Scheduled Auditions

Now they've got this thing where you send them a submission video. Then, choose you for a scheduled audition at the open call city you choose.

I submitted myself maybe 3 weeks ago. I haven't heard, yet.

The hardest thing about all of this is the self-doubt. You know? I look for, and find, the reasons they haven't called; which is bullshit. I know I'm a good singer. I know I touch people when I sing. I know my songs are good and they are authentic.

I allow self-doubt to hang out in my mind, too long. All in the name of "wanting to become better." what a bunch of crap. I am as good as I need to be for The Voice or Songland ...or The Playlist (hasn't come out yet.) I've got to catch those thoughts, as soon as they happen, and say ...bye bye.: )

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