October 2020 - Changing Directions! 

October 2020 - Changing Directions!

The last submission to The Voice got no response. Since it was the clearest picture of me, as an artist, yet. I have decided to stop trying.


So, I have been meditating on it, a while. And, what's come up for me, is what I really want. So, I asked myself what that would be??? Immediately, the answer came to mind. I want to be featured on a TV Show that presents the "Culture Changers" of female musicians. No contestants, only featured musicians. And I would like Alicia Keys, or someone like that. To head up the show.

I went to work on the idea. And now, I have a treatment for it. That is what you need to present your idea, to the right people. And am now doing whatever I can, to get it in front of her. 

Also, I finished the vocals on "Virus," yesterday. Just the mixing, left. Then I can release it!!




July 31, 2020 - Elevator Pitch is released!! 

July 31, 2020 - Released today! "Elevator Pitch (feat. The Wanz & Elnah Jordan)" Who hoooo!!

Inspired by the 3rd? ...or 4th?? ...or maybe, 5th??? time, I submitted myself for The Voice ...still doing it. But, this time I used this song for my "Intro." 


Please share it if you like it! Enjoy! 


Thank you, 

Elnah Jordan 

The Wanz 

Jason Shavey and Synergy Studios! 



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July 4, 2020 - My Independence Day - A submission the The Voice! 

July 4th, 2020 - My Independence Day - A submission the The Voice!

Today, I did a submission to The Voice. The thing that is different about this time. Is that I finally have something to say. A way to " be creative" in the "Intro" section of the submission.

I submitted the song, itself, for Songland; in June. My hope was that Adam Levine would take notice of the song, at Songland. And, somehow talk with The Voice folks. And I would get in, that way. But, since then, I've reconsidered. 

So, the Voice Submission process requires videos of an Introduction of the artist, and of 2 songs. And they do say, "be creative" for the Intro. So, I have!!!

My Intro portion is Elevator Pitch.


Much Love,


July 1, 2020 - Elevator Pitch has a Release Date!! ...It's different this time!! 

July 1, 2020 - Elevator Pitch has a Release Date!! ...It's different this time!!

Who Hoo!! After, almost two years, it has a Release Date; July 31, 2020. 

"Elevator Pitch" was inspired by the "Intro" section of the Submission process for The Voice. For the "Intro" they want your name, where your from. Then they ask you to "be creative." This is the best way I can think of, to be creative.

As the result, I created the song, produced it with Jason Shavey. Got The Wanz and Elnah Jordan, to sing on it, with me. Then got LZane Jones and Jeremy Berg to help me make the music video.

Much Love,


May 15, 2020 Challenge the Fear #5 

This song is "Lil Darling" by ZZ Ward.

I've got an Open Call Audition, next month, for The Voice. It is the first time I am auditioning for them. Up until now, I've only submitted myself.

I've chosen this song to audition with. Because it's the closest to the songs I write; includes Rap and Belt. : )


#Lil Darling